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Do you need maintenance, something repaired or improved in your home or garden in the coming 12 month?

Olivier & Anne-Claire, Divonne-les-Bains

“We had a long list of tasks to complete both inside and outside our house. Andreas did great job on all the tasks he took on, from building and renovating staircases to creating a new palisade and pergola. He also renovated ...."
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Minna & Alexandre, Divonne-les-Bains

“We were originally looking for a prefabricated sauna to place in our garden but after discussing our needs and budget with Andreas, he was able to customize a sauna in a concrete shed connected to our house. Best decision ever! ...."
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Zvonimir, Gland

“If you are in search of an handyman to do any kind of home improvement job, then I can truly recommend Andreas. With his broad knowledge and experience, he has repainted four rooms in my house, built a shed in my ...."
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Gerald & Katie, Nyon

“We had a difficult task of hanging art on our concrete walls, Andreas was able to help us out in no time. Not only did he modify our old rails to fit the wall perfectly, but he also gave us great advice on how to make it look the best. He also ...."
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Joao, Vich

“Working with Andreas was a great experience. He is very creative and problem solving. He has helped me hide my washing machine into a space that I did not even know was possible. He used and empty space behind a wall and ...."
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Discover our wide range of one-off services tailored to your specific projects. Explore our Monthly Plans and gain a trusted partner who knows your home, providing cost-effective maintenance and improvements.


Organowood makes your old decking nice again, reduces the need for maintenance, and extends the natural lifespan of the wood. All prices include sales tax (VAT) and shipping within Switzerland. 

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