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What will be the estimated cost of your task, intervention or project? 

All the prices listed on our website are inclusive of sales tax (VAT/TVA), insurance coverage, and the provision of all necessary tools.

To get a quote with a fixed price for your specific project or tasks, fill out the form and we will get back to you within a day.

Our services are priced between 60 CHF and 100 CHF per person-hour. It depend on the location and the nature of the task. Purchase of material, material-, and transportation costs are added to the total costs. For shorter jobs the price per hour is usually at the higher range.

Our Monthly plans is the most efficient and budget-friendly method for us to assist you with your requirements. These comprehensive plans encompass various benefits, including no cost for the first 15 km to your location, no cost for material procurement, and many other benefits, ensuring a hassle-free service for you.


Transportation cost

Transportation fee of CHF 2 per km calculated from Gland, Vaud.


We accept payments by invoice, most bank- and credit cards as well as Twint.

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