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Environmentally friendly super treatment of wood outdoors. Perfect for patios and gardens

Service Description

Caring for your wood deck is an investment and will extend the lifespan of the wood deck up to 10 extra years. Service include: Applying Organowood system on your wood deck and any other wood in your garden (railings, furniture etc) up to max 40 square meters of wood. If you have a smaller or bigger area to protect, contact us before booking and we will give you a fixed price. Newly pressure-impregnated wood, pine or oak should be left to dry/air for 12 weeks before treatment. Working temperature at least +10°C. INCLUDED IN PRICE In dry, good conditions, steps 1 and 2 can be completed on the same day. DAY 1 1. Inspection if there is need to replace any wood. If so, the material and work will be extra and will be done on a separate occasion when material has been purchased. If you have additional boards at home it can be done at the same day depending on the amount of work. Please check your decking before booking, so we bring all necessary tools and can provide the best possible service. 2. Cleaning of your deck. MATERIAL: 1 x Wood Cleaner, (pre-wash and maintenance) DAY 1-2, Step 1 (Depending on weather) Applying Wood Protection on the dry, clean wood. We will cover glass, metal and any other sensitive surfaces. MATERIAL: 1 x 01 Wood Protection, 5 liter (base coat) DAY 2-3, Step 2 (Depending on weather) Applying Surface Protection on the dry wood. MATERIAL: 1 x 02 Surface Protection, 5 liter (top coat). Free 1 x 30 min consultation of any other home improvement or renovation projects you have in mind. - Transportation costs included (Canton Vaud). - All furniture must be removed from the deck prior to our arrival.

  • 8 hours
  • 990 Swiss francs
  • Customer's Place

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