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Flame and rot protection. The product is colourless and does not noticeably alter the colour of wood immediately after application. It can be used for surface treatment of virtually all pressure-impregnated and untreated wood. For pressure-impregnated wood, the effect lasts for up to 10 years. Treated surfaces are diffusion-open.


Environmentally friendly super treatment of wood outdoors. Perfect for patios and gardens, for example decking, fencing, planter boxes, outdoor furniture, facades and docks.



SKU: 0008
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    Flame and rot protection. Base coat (step 1 of 2). The treatment provides a good protection, as the wood fibres are physically encapsulated with silicon molecules, which counteracts the degradation process. For approx. 40 square meters of wood.

    Included in package
    1 x 01 Wood Protection, 5 liter (base coat)


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